The renovation of 203 Seaton ST. by Cabbagetown Carpentry is absolutely stunning! The woodwork and finishing details are very high quality – especially the crown moulding – and the new kitchen is to die for! I saw this home before the work started and the transformation deserved a prime spot on HGTV.”


Lois Volk, Mortgage Broker, Toronto

I have waited long enough to write this thank you but because of previous experience with contractors we wanted to make sure that our “fix” worked. And it does! Our basement is beautiful, warm and most importantly dry! The rains for the past two years have sorely tried your work but the work has beaten the weather. I appreciate that basements are very difficult when it comes to water and I am grateful that we avoided the $10,000+ expense of ripping up the drive to coat the exterior wall of the house. Of course the rest of the basement is beautiful – we knew the caliber of your work before we started. I was most pleased that the renovation plans we came up with matched our budget- and the challenges that we were faced with (drains, heating supply) were met with a variety of solutions of which I was a part of solving. I am very happy with the work, the timing, the costing.”


Heather James (Realtor), Annex Toronto

Johnny Pearl’s meticulous work in our new condo has given us the space we need to pursue our hobbies, store our “stuff” and provide a place for our guests.  When you work with Johnny, you are a member of his team and he consults you every step of the way to make sure it is what you want.  He takes his time and lovingly works on every step to create something that he can be proud of. Throughout the process, he is honest, down-to-earth, easygoing, warm and sometimes terribly funny.  In fact, while we were anxious to have our project completed, we were sad to see him go. But now, we have a solidly built installation that includes a wall bed, four large cabinets, a collapsible wall desk for art and a series of shelves and cupboards that are custom built, beautifully finished and a great investment in our home. We love it.”


Susan Thomas and Rob Croezen, Cabbagetown Toronto

We are thrilled with the outstanding high quality of work Cabbagetown Carpentry provided us.  The extensive redesign of our house has converted our east end home into a classy, original, and disability-friendly home for us to enjoy for life.  We now have our oasis in the city.

We will forever be grateful to Johnny and crew for the happiness the new look of our house has given us.”


Danielle and John, Leslieville Toronto

Johnny Pearl from Cabbagetown Carpentry, spent a great day at our house today.  It was great because they did several jobs for us and did them so very well. They arrived on time, did all they needed to do and made us two very happy customers.  We would highly recommend choosing Cabagetown Carpentry for all of your household carpentry and other jobs that need doing. Johnny is very pleasant, polite and has a great work ethic. He worked until the jobs got done. And, as I said, the jobs were done so very well. Johnny makes suggestions, advises on anything you need advice on and delivers on his promise to make life easier for his clients.  He sure did that for us. We would not hesitate recommending Cabbagetown Carpentry to any of my friends and family.”


Karyn and David, Leslieville Toronto

Cabbagetown Carpentry did a fine job for us this month. Others might deliver a good finished product, but based on our substantial experience, Johnny Pearl excels for several reasons: He takes care to discuss exactly what we want, he does the job from start to finish on time and on budget, uses the best materials, leaves the site clean, and plays nice music while he works. What more would you want?”


Doug Chaudron, Cabbagetown Toronto

Last year we had to have our kitchen completely gutted and renovated and we had used Johnny Pearl, Cabbagetown Carpentry before on other jobs, so we called Johnny and everything went so smoothly, as always with him. He is prompt, honest and reliable, something hard to find in contractors these days. We highly recommend both Johnny and his crew. Speaking of crew he has the best plumber and electrician I have ever had the pleasure to meet.”


Bruce Appleby, Cabbagetown Toronto

Contractor from Heaven.”


Bea Zeegart, Cabbagetown Toronto

I really wanted to leave a comment for Cabbagetown Carpentry, in particular Johnny Pearl. We had a very bad experience with a dishonest contractor who had “fixed” multiple problems with our old Victorian house, only to have them all come back within weeks – it really was a nightmare. I found Johnny’s website when my family were at the peak of frustration and at a bit of a loss – after reading the positive comments, and seeing their signs in and around Cabbagetown I decided to call. Johnny came to our house and met with my entire family to go over the multitude of problems we were having. He was professional, very knowledgeable and very reassuring – it was an absolute pleasure meeting with him, and we felt good from the get go (a definite change!). During the entire time they were working at our house, they were in constant contact with us, available to answer any worry – big or small – and did an utterly fantastic job – the quality of their work was absolutely undeniable. We, in fact, are so happy with their work that we have decided to ask them to come back and renovate/repair our basement in the New Year. I would recommend Cabbagetown Carpentry to anyone looking to renovate their home, in a heart beat. They are a rare find!”


Philippa, Toronto

Cabbagetown Carpentry has worked on two projects in my house in the past two months. The first was a new hardwood floor, and a ceiling and paint repair following a roof leak. The second was another hardwood floor. For the first job we consulted together and carefully chose the wood to fit in with existing wood floors in the house. It wasn’t a simple project because the room, a sitting-room adjoining a bedroom, overhangs a three-story void. This and a stairwell meant that rounded bull-nose sections were required along nearly 30 feet of edging. Even so, Cabbagetown Carpentry completed the whole project in four days. This was important to me because I work at home. They recognized this and were scrupulous in ensuring that the work was done to the deadline we had agreed in advance.


Despite additional work, such as some lovely wood trim below the bull-nose over the void, there were no additional charges: everything was done to exactly the amount we had agreed in advance. This is something I have never before encounter with contractors working in the house, where a week is all but understood to mean two weeks, and five thousand dollars can mean eight. If I was impressed with this, the fact that the results far exceeded my expectations, that the floor is more beautiful than I could have imagined, and that the difference it makes to the whole house is enormous, convinced me to go ahead with another floor in the adjacent room.


This second room was a simpler project, a square bedroom. Again, we selected the same light oak wood. There was a complication with a wall of closet doors, but they dealt expertly with that, re-hanging the doors, and again the project was completed within the two days we had agreed. But, once more, Johnny exceeded my expectations, replacing a section of the floor he had laid only a month before, in order to create a seamless transition between the two rooms, the oak boards continuing in a random, natural way from one to the other, as though we had planned the two rooms as one project, which of course we had not. This gives a lovely effect from one room to the next, adding a 15-foot gallery approach to the bedroom.


I have been delighted with all Cabbagetown Carpentry’s work in the house, from their quick, courteous initial response to my call, our consultations, their advice and recommendations about the projects, the initiative in going beyond what I have asked in order to improve the projects, to the immaculate clean-up. But, most of all, it is the sheer beauty of the results that will make me go back to them again. I cannot recommend highly enough their professionalism, their reliability, their care and attention, and their desire and determination that clients should be delighted with the end result.”


Gillian Fenwick, Toronto

I used Cabbagetown Carpentry to do a challenging structural renovation to my 3rd floor attic room. Johnny and his crew did a spectacular job. The challenge was to replace an interior support beam and this meant having to get a lot of massive materials and tools up to the third floor and have the crew go in and out of the rest of finished house. So the job required heavy lifting and finesse at the same time. In the end, the safest and best way was to bring the twenty foot beam sections up to the third floor by carefully carrying them up 3 sets of stairs though the house. Johnny and his crew accomplished this cheerfully without damaging anything. The rest of job was handled expertly, getting the best result possible given the constraints of working on a 100 year old house. Johnny and his crew are excellent communicators and totally sensitive to the homeowners needs and concerns. Johnny was highly focused on making a difficult renovation a good experience and was constantly asking me if I was happy with how the job was going. He was completely transparent about costs, timings, and absolutely reliable. A joy to work with.


Gordon Kurtenbach, Toronto

We were reviewed in the Toronto Star!